Lunar Dragon Necklace

Lunar Dragon Necklace

Tap into some colorful style with this lunar dragon necklace!

the hardware //

Up front is the meta maille chain designed with the persian dragonscale chainmaille weave. There are a total of six links connecting to each other which are made with anodized aluminum rings in your choice of two colors.

The colors currently available for possible color combinations are pink, red, orange, gold, green, blue, purple, and storm gray. Having the dragon chain entirely one color is also an option, just choose the same color for both the inner and edge colors.

Shown in the pictures are just a few of the possible color combos. The two completed chains shown are inner black w/ orange edges, and inner green w/ purple edges. Also pictured are chain links of pink/gold, pink/green, green/purple, black/red, black/orange, and blue/storm gray.

On each end of the dragon link chain is a ring which attaches to a cable chain. Which comes together to close with a lobster claw clasp. All of these elements are stainless steel.

dimensions //

The wearable length of this lunar dragon necklace is approximately 20 inches. While the dragon chain up front is just shy of five inches across, with each link having a width/depth just shy of half an inch.