King Viper Wallet Chain

King Viper Wallet Chain

Get ready to be metal af wearing this vipera berus wallet chain! It's ready for whatever your day brings.

the hardware //

Designed with the kinged vipera berus chainmaille weave using rings made from 16g wire. Kinged means the rings are doubled up, thus making for a beastly look and feel.

This chain is available in two metal options: all stainless steel or stainless steel with brass edges.

Up front for attaching to your belt loop is a trigger snap clasp (zinc-plated). Paired in back with a standard stainless steel split key ring for attaching to your wallet or keys.

dimensions //

Just the chain of this chainmaille wallet chain is 18 inches longs, while the hardware adds a few extra inches.

Custom requests are welcome for the length and hardware/clasps! Simply get in contact with your preferences so this can be customized for you.

For even more bold wallet chain designs currently available, be sure to check out the shop!