Jumbo Jelly Cube / Pumpkin

Jumbo Jelly Cube / Pumpkin

Ready for a jumbo sized jelly cube? Here it is in all it's satisfying glory! It's what happens when a gelatinous cube meets chainmaille, by turning into a jelly cube monster.

Great as a fidget toy in part because of it's satisfying movement and sound.

the hardware //

This pumpkin jelly cube is made with anodized aluminum rings primarily in orange. Which is paired with rings in green and violet purple for some full halloween pumpkin fun.

In the core of this pumpkin are brass rings which add some weight to the cube.

dimensions //

The length along each side for every jelly cube is approximately 1 3/4 inches.

Be sure to find the regular sized ones in the shop.

Want it bigger/smaller, or in a different color/metal? Custom requests are welcome!