Infinity Fidget Toy

Infinity Fidget Toy

An infinity fidget toy which is made with two chains which rotate around each other endlessly!

the hardware //

Designed with the chaos theory chainmaille weave, this focus aid is made with two interconnecting chains. The two chains easily twist around each other, with the individual chains also able to rotate.

Both chains are made entirely with stainless steel rings. Being made with stainless steel means this curiosity is durable and made to last.

Fun fact: the chaos theory weave is also known as the candy cane cord.

dimensions //

This chainmaille fidget toy, when laying flat, is approximately two inches wide when laid flat when laying flat. The individual chains are a 1/4 inch thick.

Wanting this chain fidget toy in a different color?
Custom color and material requests are welcome! Please do get in contact with what you have in mind.