Gemstone Chainmaille Fidget Toy

$48.00 - $50.00
Gemstone Chainmaille Fidget Toy

Upgrade your fidget toy experience with metal fabric in the shape of a gemstone!

The chainmaille weave for this gemstone fidget toy is a half persian sheet. A cool design feature of this weave is it's reminiscent of a cable knit sweater.

the hardware + color options //

The standard version is made entirely with stainless steel.

A couple of one of a kind colors are currently available, which are made with anodized aluminum. These two color options are are watermelon tourmaline (lime with rose pink), and amethyst (purple with lime).

dimensions //

The width of this chainmaille fidget toy is 2 3/8 inches, while the height is 2 1/2 inches.

Custom material/color requests are welcome! Please get in contact with what you have in mind to get started on a custom order. Custom requests will typically take one to two weeks for processing before shipping.