Fruit Jelly Cubes

Fruit Jelly Cubes

Have some fun with these fruit inspired jelly cubes!

Keep your hands busy with this colorful handheld cube which works great as a fidget toy. All while being very lightweight and hypoallergenic.

Each cube has a little give while moving around, while retaining their cube shape.

Currently available in four color variations of pumpkin, lemon, watermelon, and strawberry.

the hardware //

Each fruit cube is made entirely with anodized aluminum rings in various colors.

The pumpkin is made with orange, yellow, and green. While the lemon is just yellow with some green. The watermelon has a core of red and pink, with an outer case of green. Also with a pink core is the strawberry, which has a red case and a green leaf on top.

One of each fruit variety is currently made and ready to ship, with the exception of two pumpkins currently ready to ship.

dimensions //

Each fruit jelly cube is approximately one inch along each of the sides.