Cosmos Bracelet

Cosmos Bracelet

Be amongst the stars with your own cosmos bracelet! Chainmaille jewelry never looked more stellar.

the hardware //

Designed with a variation of the honeycomb byzantine weave, this chain bracelet is made primarily with stainless steel rings. Anodized aluminum rings are used for the color options.

The standard chain design is the all stainless steel version. There are currently three additional color options of stainless steel with blue, pink, or orange (which are made with anodized aluminum). The blues, pinks, and oranges come in a couple of different shades.

Each bracelet comes together to close with a stainless steel lobster claw clasp.

dimensions //

The wearable length of each chainmaille bracelet is adjustable between 6 3/4 and 8 1/4 inches.

Custom length and material requests are welcome.