Chromium Scalemaille Necklace

Chromium Scalemaille Necklace

Get ready to look radiant with this chromium scalemaille necklace!

Made with clear scales in front paired with a chrome or rainbow color option.

Current production time for this necklace design is one to two weeks.

the hardware //

Up front of this chromium scalemaille necklace is clear scales made from durable polycarbonate. These scales are supported in back with big stainless steel rings.

Available in two different colorwaus for rings along the sides of the scales: chrome and rainbow. The chrome version is made with stainless steel rings, while the rainbow version is made with anodized aluminum rings.

Both versions pair with a stainless steel chain made with the classic 4 in 1 half persian chainmaille weave.

Comes together to close with a lobster claw clasp (also stainless steel).

dimensions //

The wearable length of this clear scalemaille necklace is adjustable between 16 and 17 1/2 inches. So it fits like a choker. While the entire scalemaille portion up front is just under 9 inches wide.

Wanting this in a different wearable length? Please do get in contact with your size preference! Custom orders are also welcome if you would like this design in a different color.

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