Chainmaille Jelly Cube

$62.00 - $66.00
Chainmaille Jelly Cube

What happens when a gelatinous cube meets chainmaille? It turns into a smooth jelly cube monster!

Great as a fidget toy, and something to keep yourself focused. A cool feature of this jelly cube is it retains a cube shape while having some satisfying fluid movement.

the hardware //

There are a few options of material for this chainmaille jelly cube.

The two bare metal options are an all stainless steel version and an all yellow brass version (which has a nice golden color).

While the classic gelationous cube version is made entirely with anodized aluminum. Which is mostly a grass green color with violet purple borders. It is also more lightweight than the other two metal versions.

dimensions //

The length along each side for every jelly cube is approximately 1 1/4 inches.

Want it bigger, or in a different color/metal? Custom requests are welcome!