Anarchy Tassel Earrings

$50.00 - $52.00
Anarchy Tassel Earrings

Flaunt some sass with these anarchy tassel earrings!

the hardware //

There are a few options available for the color and material for the handle of these earrings. One option is a handle made with stainless steel, making the entirety of the earrings stainless steel. For more colorful handles, there are handles made with anodized aluminum in a few pride flag options.

Flags currently up in the shop are the rainbow, bisexual, and nonbinary flags. Requests are accepted for your own flag colors.

The handles are designed with the chaos theory chainmaille weave (aka candy cane cord). Each one is paired with six cable chains for the tails, which are stainless steel.

On top of all color/metal options are lever back ear wires (stainless steel). Which are great for both standard piercings and stretched lobes. Custom requests are welcome for changing the ear wires to something that'll suit you best.

dimensions //

The full length of these flogger earrings (ear wire to tip) is 4 3/4 inches, with the flogger (sans ear wire) being 4 inches.

Custom color requests are welcome! Whether it's a pride flag not listed or even a different color combo (or solid color) for the handle. Simply get in contact with what you have in mind to get started on a custom order.